Web Hosting

Take your business online with super fast website hosting.

Why Our Website Hosting Rocks!

Website Hosting

With our strong and reliable super-fast SSD servers, added to our round-the-clock support, Web Panda is more than suited to deliver a platform to host your website and cover all your needs. 

All of our website hosting packages are WordPress ready with award winning cPanel. There are no contracts so you can cancel your hosting anytime.

Website Hosting Packages

Starter Web

R 69
  • Free .co.za Domain
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate

Small Web

R 99
  • Free .co.za Domain
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate

Medium Web

R 129
  • Free .co.za Domain
  • 15 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate

Large Web

R 229
  • Free .co.za Domain
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate

All Your Favourite Website Hosting Applications Are Included

Build your site with the apps you love.

WordPress is currently the world’s best CMS and blogging platform. Our cPanel web hosting makes it easy for you to install and manage your WordPress website.

What You Get When You Host With The Best

Awesome Support

Our customers know how great our support team is. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Secure Hosting

Hosting at our high-security data centre means backup generators, high uptime and complete peace of mind.

Instant setup

Our web hosting services are set up immediately, so you can sign up and move into your new online home without any waiting around.

Top-quality Hardware

We provide a high end and top-quality platform at a highly affordable price.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

With our easy-to-use Control Panel, you’ll have all the tools to customise your online home in no time.

Transparent Pricing

We promise that there will be no hidden costs in any of our packages, and you will be alerted to any slight change in pricing.

Why Choose Web Panda?

We’ve been doing this a long time, and much like a baby panda bear we are growing bigger and bigger every day.

We understand the needs of individuals and business, both big and small.

Our prices are streamlined for small businesses, allowing you to take on your fiercest competitors with a fee that wont break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Website hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.

Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

With Web Panda you can sign up for web hosting instantly. Simply choose your hosting package and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our web servers are already up and running, ready to host your business website!

Our hosting packages start from just R69pm.

Your hosting requirements, including disk space, will determine which package you need to sign up for.

Web hosting packages are billed monthly with no contracts involved.

At Web Panda we have 2 Website Design options for you. Once-Off Website Design & Monthly Recurring Website Design

Our website design team will do it all, from writing SEO-friendly content and designing your dream website to setting up your Social Media pages for you – all from just R299 per month.

You’ll also need a domain name to point to your website; at Web Panda, we will give you one for free when signing up for one of our Website Design packages!

Our simple quick installs for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other content management systems makes building your website a piece of cake.

And with our hosting control panel, you’ll have no trouble managing your website once it’s up and running. cPanel will allow you to easily set up emails, add additional domains, restore your website and so much more.